Typography Artists Inspiration #27



Stellavie is a design studio  in Germany founded by designers Steffen Heidemann and Viktoria Klein. They specialise in the manufacturing of limited edition artworks and ‘prints’, paper greeting cards and lampshades. Their die cut works are just beautiful!



Find more of Stellavie’s work on their website www.stellavie.com
Also follow their Facebook Page Stellavie to stay up to date with their newest projects






Nikita Prokhorov

Nikita Prokhorov is a designer and illustrator from New York. He has a great eye for creative ambigrams and is the co-owner of www.ambigram.com. He is also an avid sky diver and tennis player!


You can find more of Nikita’s work on his website www.elusiveillusion.com

Dan Cassaro

Dan Cassaro is an illustrator, designer and animator from Brooklyn, New York.  He runs a solo studio called YoungJerks where he specialises in custom typography, illustration and logo design.



You can find more of Dan’s work on his website www.youngjerks.com
Also follow him on Twitter @Youngjerks



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