Typography Artists Inspiration #28


BenChalit Sagiamsak

BenChalit Sagiamsak is a freelance designer, illustrator and typographer from Bangkok, Thailand.
BenChalit creates lovely letter forms with  geometric characteristics and  fine details.



You can find more oh BenChalit’s work on Behance







Memoa is a Motion Graphic House in Mexico City. They focus on Motion Graphics, Illustration and Typography.
These particular images below are titled ‘Hope/Lies’, I really love the Arabic calligraphic influence.


You can find more of their work on their website www.memoma.prosite.com and Behance
Also follow them on Twitter @memomatv





Rizon Parein

Rizon Parein first started out at an early age as a graffiti artist with a passion for 3D lettering. He currently works in Belgium with his focus being 3D Animation.



You can find more of his work on his website www.rizon.be
 Also follow him at Twitter @rizonparein


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