Typography Artists Inspiration #29


Danielle is here

Danielle is a typographer and illustrator residing in Oklahoma. Danielle loves hand lettering, her work comprise of thank you cards to wedding invitations and restaurant identities.



Find more of Danielle’s work on her website  www.danielleishere.com



Adam Hayes

Adam Hayes is an illustrator and designer from London. Adam’s speciality is in hand rendered typographic pieces, he also creates lovely map illustrations.




Find more of Adam’s work on his website www.mrahayes.co.uk
Also  follow him on Twitter @mrahayes



Simon Walker

Simon Walker is a typographer from Austin, Texas. Simon’s speciality is in logo design and hand lettering in which he has a large collection of stunning work.





Find more of Simon’s work on his website www.simonwalkertype.com
Also  follow him on Twitter @super_furry


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