Typography Artists Inspiration #3


Teagan White

Teagan White is a freelance designer and illustrator from Chicago. Her style is natural and borders on Fine and Graphic Art with a touch of realism, and typography is a natural part of her work.




Find more of Teagan’s work on her website¬†www.teaganwhite.com¬†and on Behance




Marcos Calamato

Marcos Calamato is a designer and typography lover residing in San Francisco and he likes to spend his personal time working on weekly typography projects.




Find more of his work on his website www.marcoscalamato.com




Carlos ‘Hayes’ Abreu

Carlos ‘Hayes’ Abreu is located in Portugal where he works as a creative director at Sumo Portugal and Next Portugal. A good proportion of his work includes typography.




Find more of his work on his website www.carlos-hayes.com


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