Typography Artists Inspiration #4


George Stoyanov

George Stoyanov is a freelance graphic designer from Bulgaria.
He’s obviously interested in typography proven by the amount of type experiments he did.
Some of those are displayed here.



More of George’s work on his website www.nioon.com,
his Behance or follow him on Twitter @whiteNioon




James White

James White, also known as Signalnoise, is a graphic artist from Halifax, Canada.
His inspiration comes from the 70’s and 80’s which also includes
a certain style of typography, which you can see here.



You can find more work of James White in his gallery,
check out his website www.signalnoise.com and follow him on Twitter @Signalnoise




Stefan Chinof

Steven Chinof specialises in illustration, type treatments and typography
and resides in Plovdiv, Bulgaria. His typography works are full of energy and quite experimental.



Find more of Stefan’s work on his website and his Behance. Follow him on Twitter @chin2off

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