Typography Artists Inspiration #5


Drew Melton

Drew Melton is a freelancer from Grand Rapids, Michigan.
He specialises in lettering, design and sometimes illustration.
His typography projects started from illustrating phrases
and quotes into typographic works of art.



Find more of Drew’s work on his website yourjustlucky.com
Follow him on Twitter @justlucky





Simon Ålander

Simon Ålander is a digital artist from Stockholm, Sweden.
He specialises in branding and typography and likes to work with
both digital and traditional media, he is also very fond of coffee.



Find more of Simon’s work on his website www.coffeemademedoit.com
Follow him on Twitter @simonalander





Bram Vanhaeren

Bram Vanhaeren is a graphic artist based in Antwerp, Belgium.
His work includes illustrations, typography and mixed media artwork.



You can find more of Bram’s work on his website www.bramvanhaeren.com
Follow him on Twitter @bramvanhaeren

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