Typography Artists Inspiration #7


Moshik Nadav

Moshik Nadav is an Israeli typographer and graphic designer specialising in
typeface design. He is passionate about designing letters and has created his own fonts.

Find more of Moshik’s work on his website www.moshik.net and on Behance
Also follow him on Twitter @moshikn




Nick Keppol

Nick Keppol is an interactive designer, animator and typographer from Brooklyn, New York.
Nick’s portfolio range from a wide variety of typography styles, ranging from intricacy to simplicity.


Find more of  Nick’s work on his website www.nkeppol.com and on his Behance
Also follow him on Twitter @nkeppol





Filip Komorowski

Filip Komorowski is a typographer and logo designer from Warsaw, Poland.
His work is mostly vector based and he has a large portfolio consisting of typography and logos.


You can find more of his work on his website www.filipkomorowski.com
or follow him on Behance

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