Vintage Victorian “Gaslight Style”


The Gaslight style is a name for a particular Victorian graphic design style. In this style there is a great interest in creating the illusion of depth. Design elements are made to seem multi-layered with the use of shadows, imposition, dimensional banners and ribbons. Little detailed ornaments are used in the artworks, as well as typography.

The Gaslight style has been used for labels, packaging, signage and business stationary. The name seems to have evolved from the optical illusions created by streetlights on storefront signage. This would cause a shadow which resulted in a 3D look.

Check out this awesome design style below!



Irvine Stevension - German Sausages Label


Russel, Morgan & Co - Trade Card


Buckeye Cider Mill - Booklet Cover


Russel, Morgan & Co - Trade Card


Franklin Stoves - Cover Trade Card Folder


Russel, Morgan & Co - Trade Card


Caisse Generale Insurance Company - Folder


Russel, Morgan & Co - Trade Card


Reeves Pocket Companion - Booklet Cover



These images are all from┬áDick Sheaff’s website, he has got a collection of Gaslight Style images in this album.

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