Welcome to OtherFocus!


We are excited to announce that we have finally launched OtherFocus!

There was a lot of work that went into making this project a success such as
branding, printing, coding, marketing, wallpaper illustration by Julian Burford,
Motion Video by Florent Schirrer, and writing etc.

We have been working consistently for a month every day between our own work and finally,
we are proud to show you the end result.

We would like to thank you for your support!

OtherFocus would never be where it is now or where we hope it to be without the support from our friends and future readers and for that we are truly thankful!



Last but not least we would like to thank and show our appreciation to
Florent Schirrer aka hello, i’m flo, for giving us a wonderful, amazing Motion Video!
We could not have asked for a better one.

You can follow him at Twitter @hello_im_flo
and check out his site www.helloimflo.net

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5 Responses to “Welcome to OtherFocus!”

  1. Ben den Hartog

    Great video by Florent!! Loads of respect to that man!! And definetely check out his other awesome work!!

  2. Harish

    Really nice video. Your logo is great

  3. Hello, I'm Flo

    Thank you Ben and Harish !

  4. Nikonido

    Incroyable!! Vraiment top, autant au niveau vidéo que son :)