Why you should embrace Frustration


“To conquer frustration, one must remain intensely focused on the outcome, not the obstacles. ” – T.F. Hodge

We all have our moments of ‘failures’: we’ve set out a goal, aimed for it, worked very hard to get there and something along the way happened and made it difficult to reach this destination we aimed for.

What happens is that most of us dwell on this ‘lost’ too long. We become too demotivated, lose our original focus and end up not reaching this goal at all. Why? It hurts to confront yourself that you haven’t succeeded due to whatever the reason may be. Especially when you are a perfectionist (like me). Maybe you even have to start all over again.

The part of starting over again takes time. And time is in itself is a sensitive thing nowadays; everything just needs to be going as quickly as possible. It even seems that people expect that from each other.

This is exactly why so many of us give up on their original goal and find other solutions or even set other goals. So that ‘time’ does not catch up with them. And that eventually we do not have to call this ‘failure’ a waste of time.

What we should do instead is to confront this lost. 

It is ok to be sad or angry about it and to show and talk about it with others. Just don’t dwell over it too long and show yourself that you do not quit when things do not go as planned and that you keep on going.

Frustration can be a powerful tool when you turn it into motivation. It makes you see things more clear and frustration lets you, unlike before, know your own believes and standards better. Because you know how it feels like not to succeed, it makes you work harder for it because you value it more now.

Yes, you have not succeeded. Does that make you sad or angry? Good. Use that and turn this frustration into motivation.

Cover Photo by Justin Mitchell

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